There are so many great resources out there online, but it’s not always easy to find them. So I’ll add ones here as I go!

Websites for materials you can download and print:

  • iSL Collective: Free worksheets created by DaF teachers. You just have to register.
  • Kindersuppe: For an annual fee of about €35, you can download a variety of German materials.
  • Lehrmittel Perlen: For an annual fee of about €20, you can download all kinds of German materials.
  • Twisty Noodle: This site makes it easy to create customizable coloring pages, books, and handwriting practice sheets.
  • Languagenut: I only just discovered this site. I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet. You do have to pay a fee. They offer 20 languages. It’s really intended for teachers, so they have “school packages” or you can choose “home school” for $50 per year.
  • This site has a few worksheets in German that you can download. You can join for free and download a limited number of worksheets per month. You can also pay a fee to get unlimited worksheets and workbooks.

Websites / Blogs with ideas you can try right now:

  • Kita Turnen: Lots of ideas to get kids moving while making use of a wide variety of household items. There are also children’s songs and Fingerspiele, organized by topic.

Websites for materials you can order:

  • Book Depository: They have a large selection of German books and ship for free!
  • You can not only find books, but also other products, like games, puzzles, maps, etc. Note that not all products ship to the US.
  • Montessori Lernwelten: I love the Montessori method. I was excited to find this website that also ships to the US. You have to search around a bit to find materials that will work for teaching German, since of course it’s meant for German-speaking children. My favorite item I ordered was a perpetual calendar with the season, month, day, and date. It was a bit pricey (about €49,90), but well worth it, since we use it every day.

Websites for songs and rhymes:

  • Kita-Kiste: Lieder, Noten & Projekte für Kita und Grundschule – includes videos with words, free sheet music downloads, and MP3 files to purchase.