2016 D: Technik Museum Speyer

If you are in the Heidelberg area and you have kids who are into trains, planes, and automobiles, then make your way to the Technik Museum Speyer! It is worth the detour!

Unless, of course, you have a fear of heights, as I do 🙂  All the airplanes are mounted high in the sky, and you climb circular staircases to get up to them. There is even a Boeing 747 about 6 stories off the ground. Those stairs were a bit easier … until you got to the last set. I just couldn’t do it! But PER and the boys did!! Hippo even went with PER out on the wing! Yup you can just walk out on the wing of the 747 SOOOOOO high off the ground!! Don’t worry, though, there is fencing to keep you safe!

The kids liked the planes best of all. But inside, you can also see vintage cars, an old train, and even a space shuttle! They also have an IMAX theater. And there is a cafe where you can get lunch.

Is it good for kids?

You bet! It’s a kid’s paradise! Unless they aren’t into mechanical things. Our boys aren’t even all that into cars and such, but they loved this museum!

What about the cost?

For just the museum, the tickets are free for children 4 and under. Ages 5 – 14, tickets cost €13. Adult tickets cost €16. If you want to do the IMAX film, there is a combination ticket, too.

Where is it?

It’s about a 25 minutes west of Heidelberg.

Travel Games for Germany and the Netherlands

We’ll be heading back to the Netherlands and Germany this summer. We fly in and out of Frankfurt and then have about a 5-hour drive to and from the Netherlands. So in addition to packing things to keep the kiddos busy on the airplane, I have a separate stash of things to keep them busy in the car.

I just finished creating a set of cards that can be used in a variety of ways. You can play Memory, I Spy, Go Fish. Or laminate an entire sheet and mark off the things you see with a dry erase marker (did you know they make washable ones?!) or a small post-it. There are two pages of various items – one for each of the boys (that way there is no competition over who sees what first!). And there is also a one-page set of just vehicles. At the end, there is an additional sheet to help count up a few of the things you might see on a long drive.

2016-07-04 15.37.23

Items included are:

2016-07-04 15.38.09

The vehicles page includes: das Flugzeug, der Bus, der LKW, das Fahrrad, ein gelbes Auto, der Bagger, der Traktor, der Kipper, das Motorrad, der Hubschrauber, das Feuerwehrauto, & der Zug.

I’d love to hear how you use the cards!!

Update – August 2016:

Froggy really enjoyed the game of looking for items on his page. Hippo lost interest after finding just a few. We went with the option of covering the found items with post-its (the 1 7/8″squares worked perfectly):

2016-07-21 16.47.19