Buchstabe Wiederholung: M / A / O / P

I’ve been using a workbook that I found in Germany this summer to help me decide the order in which to teach the letters of the alphabet. It’s called Mein ABC Übungsheft by Christiane Wittenburg (Stark Verlag, 2013). I really like the way the workbook is designed, so that the letters are introduced according to the beginning sounds.

As you can see, the first four letters are: M – A – O – P.  You may notice that the letter B actually comes up much later in this workbook. I had already started with B before I discovered that I had this resource 🙂  So we’ll slip B back into the mix as another way to review when it comes up!

I should mention that we haven’t actually been using the workbook much itself. I’m mostly using it as a guide right now. The boys haven’t been too into workbooks lately. And I find that the more I can do that inspires them, the more they are willing to play along! But I’m glad to have it as a reference … and hopefully for the future when it they will be interested again!

After each letter or two, there is a review in the workbook. So I thought now would be a good time for us to also stop and do some review. I plan on taking one object from each of the four letter boxes to review each day at breakfast. We won’t get to all of the objects, of course. I have also been doing letter work before Hippo’s nap (or quiet time, since he often doesn’t sleep), so we might pull out some extra objects then.

I’ll write more about how we do the review as the week goes on.

Thanks for stopping by! Viel Spaß!

Sticker Workbooks

As much as I enjoy creating fun activities and worksheets for my kids in German, sometimes I just don’t have the time. For a while, Froggy was really into sticker books, and so I sought out some fun sticker workbooks to purchase online. They were hard to find at first, because I didn’t know the titles of the series. So I thought I would compile a list of some of the ones we’ve liked – both for myself for future reference, and for anyone else out there looking for some fun supporting materials. You can search just the general series title, or add a specific topic, such as Tiere, Weltraum, Feuerwehr, etc.

  • Was ist Was Mitmachheft (Tessloff Verlag)
    • also available in Junior for younger children and Mini for on-the-go
  • Rätseln und Stickern – Was ist Was Rästselhefte (Tessloff Verlag)
  • Lesen, Lernen, Mitmachen! (Parragon)
  • memo Activity (Dorling Kindersley)
  • Der große Stickerspaß (Usborne)
  • Superstarker Stickerspaß (Arena)
  • Spiel & Spaß Stickerspaß (Ravensburger)

I’ll say this: we haven’t tried all of these series. And perhaps there are more out there, too! I’ll update the post if I find anything. I think we’ve tried the first 5 and been happy with them.

German Date #4: More Space!

Froggy has been enjoying our German dates so much, he wanted to do more! So we decided that he would go on another date this week with AP2. Of course, he wanted to keep talking about space. I just happened to have ordered some space workbooks in German, and they arrived Thursday afternoon. He’s really into sticker workbooks right now, so he was VERY excited 🙂

He worked through 4 or 5 pages of the book. Hippo and I happened to crash their date at the last minute, so I got to see some of it in action 🙂  AP2 was doing a lot of the reading, but then we got Froggy to read out loud, too. The workbook provided some good challenge with a number of words that he didn’t know.

The workbook we used is called Mitmach-Heft Weltraum (Was ist was Junior) (Tessloff, 2016). I bought it on Amazon.de for about €5.