Pre-K/Kindergarten @ TWS

In this crazy year of Covid, we are facing so many new challenges. In school, one challenge we face is singing in the classroom. While the weather was nice outside, we were able to sing (with masks on). Now that it is getting colder and we are moving back into the classrooms, we have been asked not to sing. So we are getting creative! Music is such a big part of the fun we have in our language classroom. I will still play songs for the children to hear. But they won’t be able to sing along. And so to help them – and their families – learn the songs at home, I am posting videos of the songs on a YouTube channel. I also will have blog posts with lyrics and other accompanying materials for families to download. This page is the one-stop source for all of these links! It is a work in progress, so be sure to stop back!

Classroom Lessons

Holidays & Culture

November 11th: Martinstag
December 6th: Nikolaus
Weihnachten (Christmas)