A Treasure of Words

Froggy doesn’t have much interest in reading German books. And I’ve learned not to push him, or he’ll go running lightning speed in the other direction. So I try to put German words in front of him whenever I can to make sure his reading abilities in German don’t fall too far behind his English.

Today, he was begging me for a treasure hunt. Aha! Opportunity strikes! I found a bunch of paper hearts he had punched that were leftover from Valentine’s Day and started writing clues. In German, of course! If I’d been planning something like this, I might have made an effort to focus on something specific: a certain group of words, or questions, or the imperative, plural, etc. But this was very spur-of-the-moment, so I was just winging it. Here are a few of the clues:



  • Fange beim Weihnachstbaum an! (Yes, one of our trees is still up! It’s waiting for a new home 🙂 )
  • Wo sind die Bälle?
  • Wo ist das Dreirad?
  • Geh durch den Tunnel!
  • Schau mal unter Elmo!
  • Gefunding! Hier ist der Schatz!


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