Dutch Food: Poffertjes

The first time I visited the Netherlands was 10 years ago! Hard to believe! My then-fiancé took me to visit the Keukenhof – a beautiful flower park that is open at the height of tulip season (from the end of March to mid-May). The park itself is lovely. And then you can go up into a windmill for a spectacular view of sprawling tulip fields!

While at the Keukenhof, I was also introduced to poffertjes. They are little puffed pancakes, eaten with butter and powdered sugar. Lekker!! I like them so much, my husband bought me a poffertjes pan for Christmas!

The other day, after playing tourist in the morning, we went to a Poffertjeskraam for lunch. It’s kind of a poffertjes stand – except there were tables to sit and eat.


This one is in Bussum. Very quaint. Although, I thought the poffertjes were a bit underdone and doughy. Still, it was so much fun to watch them make the little pancakes on the enormous griddle!


Look at this thing! It makes 240 poffertjes at one time! They use a two-pronged fork to flip them – at record speeds! When I make them at home, they are a bit of a mess 🙂

And here’s the final product:

Did I say lekker?!! Yum!

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