30HappyDaysofApril: Make a Card

We have decided to do things out of order here. We’re using the calendar as a guide. But if that activity doesn’t feel right, we’re drawing a card. Today is April 4th, so the task is to bake something. I actually just baked my friend’s famous chocolate cake. I’m one of the few people who actually has the recipe! So we’re going to bake another day…

Today we are going to make cards and send them. I printed out my Christmas card address list. I thought we’d look for family and friends who are on their own and make them a priority. I’m not sure how long the kids will last, but I’d love to send out a whole bunch of cards! I mean, who doesn’t love to get an actual card or letter in the mail?! So not only are we doing something for ourselves, but we will be spreading some happy around to people we care about.

I also thought about sending some cards to a nursing home or hospital. I’ll look up our local addresses and send some there, too.

I wonder if I can get my kids to write a card in German to one of our friends oversees??? After all, this is my German blog. And I’m always looking for ways to have my kids use more German!

Once we finish our project, I’ll post some pictures. Stay tuned….

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