German Date #3: Planet Activity

Our space fun continued today on our third German Date 🙂

I hadn’t had time to create anything snazzy before I picked up Froggy from school. So while we dug into our fro-yo, I whipped up a quick worksheet to go with some stickers I’d picked up at the craft store. The planet stickers are by Mrs Grossmann’s. They come with six planets, so I created questions to go with them.

2016-05-16 15.44.50

Don’t look too closely! When I got home, AP2 found a few mistakes! Well, I wrote up the activity in a more formal document – with corrections! – and you can download it here:

Space Sticker Activity (PDF)

We also used the activity as an opportunity to practice German letters. Once Froggy came up with the answer, I spelled the planet in German for him. Those vowels get a bit confusing!

I tried to get him to play Hangman (Galgenmenschen) with me as well, but I couldn’t persuade him. It would be another great way to practice those letters!

Instead, we brought out the Space Cards again. This time, we played Fische! (Go Fish!). We used two sets of the cards. He chose to use the set with pictures and words plus the set with just pictures. I think it might have helped to put out the set with pictures and words, since I’m still learning which planets are which! Then we could have matched picture cards to word cards. But the game still was lots of fun. We played twice! Here you can see my hand, the deck of cards for “fishing,” and Froggy’s matches.

2016-05-16 15.55.20.jpg


Another Reading Trick

As I said in my last post, I’m always looking for ways to put German in front of Froggy, so his reading skills don’t fall too far behind his English reading.

Another trick I use daily is to write a note for his lunchbox in German. I always put the date at the top. Ideally, I would have some topic that we’re working on (but I haven’t done that in a while), and the notes would use vocabulary from that same topic. Mostly, my notes have something to do with what is going on at school, the weather, or something he might be looking forward to. Here are a couple of examples:

2016-08-31 20.25.22

  • “Mittwoch, der 10. Februar – Lieber Froggy, wir sehen Schnee weit und breit! Bis bald! – Deine, Mama”
  • “Mittwoch, der 17. Februar – Lieber Froggy, spielst du heite draußen? Viel Spaß! – Deine, Mama”



His teachers say the notes have been working great this year. He not only reads them but often shares them with his friends. A couple of months ago, the school counselor had a number of special lunches with the kindergartners to talk about friendship, and she also said that Froggy would read and translate the notes for the group 🙂  At least for now, German is cool enough to share with friends!


A Treasure of Words

Froggy doesn’t have much interest in reading German books. And I’ve learned not to push him, or he’ll go running lightning speed in the other direction. So I try to put German words in front of him whenever I can to make sure his reading abilities in German don’t fall too far behind his English.

Today, he was begging me for a treasure hunt. Aha! Opportunity strikes! I found a bunch of paper hearts he had punched that were leftover from Valentine’s Day and started writing clues. In German, of course! If I’d been planning something like this, I might have made an effort to focus on something specific: a certain group of words, or questions, or the imperative, plural, etc. But this was very spur-of-the-moment, so I was just winging it. Here are a few of the clues:



  • Fange beim Weihnachstbaum an! (Yes, one of our trees is still up! It’s waiting for a new home 🙂 )
  • Wo sind die Bälle?
  • Wo ist das Dreirad?
  • Geh durch den Tunnel!
  • Schau mal unter Elmo!
  • Gefunding! Hier ist der Schatz!