Body Parts Game

I saw an idea for a body parts game as I browsed through Pinterest one day. Here is the result:

Körperteile Spiel

We played this game during story hour last week, and it was a big hit! It probably would have helped to do a quick review of the six body parts in the game before we started playing. Next time!  We played the simpler version of the game. Even though there was no competition involved – and hence no winner – the children really enjoyed it. They wanted to take it home, but we decided to save the game boards and body parts to play again at another story hour 🙂

Here’s how it works:


  1. Download the Körpertiele Spiel document above.
  2. Print out the images of the boys, one color (p. 2) and one grayscale (p. 3), per player. Print on cardstock, or you can laminate them for longer use!
  3. Cut out the colored image of the boy. Then cut him up into body parts: head, arms, hands, torso, legs, and feet.
  4. Print out one copy of the page with the body parts in squares. Again, laminate if you wish. Cut out the squares and tape them to the foam die.

 Additional materials (optional):

2½-inch foam die

 Rules of the game:


  • Each child gets a “game board” with a grayscale image of the boy and one set of body parts in color.
  • Children take turns rolling the die. Whatever body part s/he rolls, s/he can put on to the grayscale body.
  • The first child to complete the boy wins!
  • *If you don’t have a die, you could use the squares as cards, and children take turns drawing a card.
  • *Of course, when they roll a body part, they have to say the word!


For a simpler version with younger children:

  • Children take turns rolling the die.
  • Each child says the name of the body part, while all children add the body part to their grayscale body pictures.


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