German Date #6: Space Book

Our schedule was a bit thrown off this week, since Froggy was home from school for Memorial Day on Monday. So AP2 took Froggy on a German date today. We still have plenty of space materials, so that was once again the focus.

This time, they started off by reading some pages from a space book. It’s called Weltraum. Sterne und Planeten, and it’s from the series “memo Kids” (Dorling Kindersley, 2014).

It’s a little bit advance, but it’s broken down into simple topics. Each topic spans two pages and offers several short paragraphs about that topic. Here’s an example:

2016-06-01 16.02.49

AP2 had to help with some of the reading, but I understand it went very well! She was able to explain the words he didn’t know in German.

On a personal note, I heard that Froggy has been telling my mom that our house is special, because we don’t just speak English – we speak German, too. How big of a smiley face can I make here?! 🙂


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