Not Quite Ready for Writing

The next bilingual blogging carnival is going to be all about writing. So on our last German date, I thought I would get Froggy to do some writing and contribute a post to the carnival.

Tja. That did not go over so well. Apparently, while his reading in German is quite good for how often he does it, he is not really ready to start writing in German. Then again, he doesn’t really like to write much in English either. After all, he only just finished kindergarten!

We were working in one of his space sticker workbooks, and there was a question about the sun. So I thought I would have him write the answer in German. This is what it looked like:

2016-06-20 15.45.16

Die Sonne ist: 4,6 Milliarden Jahre alt.

I think we will try to focus on the alphabet and some simple writing in August!

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