2017 NL: Dutch Miniatures

Today we went to one of our favorite places with the kids: Madurodam. It’s a kind of park with all of the famous places in the Netherlands in miniature! Want to see the palace? How about a tulip field? Maybe you want to learn how the canals work? It’s all there! And much more.

This is the third year in a row that we have been. By now, the boys pretty much just want to chase the miniature train around. Or Hippo wants to go to the small version of Schiphol Airport and watch the planes move back and forth at the gates. Unfortunately today, they weren’t really moving. Even the luggage was not going around on the little belt as usual.


Here you can also indulge in a little Dutch folklore and try plugging a hole in a dyke like Hans Brinker (who was actually a fictional character created by an American author and has become something of a mythological figure!). Be careful – you’re bound to get wet! The kids can also play with toy barges along a canal with locks. If you’re kids are into water, you might want to bring a change of clothes! Unless it’s a hot day, like it was today – then they’ll dry off in no time.

There are two places to eat: a snack bar and a cafe. My picky ones are challenging to please. Froggy went with a burger and fries, but Hippo only managed to eat a chocolate croissant. They have fruit and salad and sandwiches, too. And this year, there were some little stands where you could get poffertjes or stroopwafel.


Muiderslot Castle


Schiphol Airport

Is it good for kids?

This place is great for everyone. The little ones can play with toy boats as they work the locks on the waterways. Or they can chase the train, as my boys like to do. There are also two playgrounds for children of different ages.

What about the cost?

Tickets start at €14.50 per person. There is no discount for children. However, you can purchase a family pass for 3+1 (why a family is three plus a guest, I’m not sure!) for €49.50.

Where is it?

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