2017 NL: Finding Nemo

20170718_204603A fun thing to do with the kids near Amsterdam is go to the Nemo Science Museum! We went two years ago with Froggy and had a great time. He still remembers it and has been asking to go again. So this time, we all went. Even from the outside, this place looks cool!

Inside, there are tons of fun things to do. All kinds of experiments and interesting things to learn. My kiddos tend to like the ball machine best. There are several things to do at this station. The lesson is all about transporting goods: preparing the items, packaging them, and sorting them into the right trucks. They couldn’t get enough of it.

2017-07-18 10.34.32

There were water works, too, of course. This is the Netherlands, after all!

Our other favorite was the demonstration of a Rube Goldberg machine. A couple of years ago, when Froggy became obsessed with marble runs, he also discovered these chain reactions. They are often the most complicated way to do something very simple. In this case, the goal is to shoot off a toy rocket. It took over 4 minutes!! Here’s a look at it from above:


It wasn’t just on the ground, either. It went up along the staircase and overhead, too!

Is it good for kids?

If you are in Amsterdam with children, Nemo is definitely a place to check out! Both boys (ages 7 & 4) had plenty to do.

What about the cost?

Basic price for ages 4 and up is €16.50. Check the website for all kinds of offers and discounts. For example, if you have the Museumkaart, the entrance is free! Once you’re in, there are no additional costs.

Where is it?

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