2017 NL: Rijksmuseum & Canal Tour

Today was an adult day! We left the kids with a sitter, so PER and I could take my parents into Amsterdam in the afternoon. We spent time in the Rijksmuseum, had dinner, and took an evening canal tour. We wanted to do the canal tour at night, but alas! it doesn’t get dark here until about 10. Since the sitter needed to leave by then, that wouldn’t work!

The Rijksmuseum was quite impressive. It’s massive, for one thing. And the building alone is gorgeous. And it is filled with floor after floor of art from the past five centuries. (Just be careful not to get lost! We had to go out and have our tickets scanned again to get back in!) Too many famous artists are represented to mention. The one that caught my eye the most (because of its light) was painted by an artist I had never heard of before.

2017-07-31 15.01.00

We bought tickets ahead of time and just used our smartphone to get them scanned at the entrance.

We also bought tickets in advance for the canal tour. But I don’t know if that was necessary. There are many options for canal tours. Ours was good – by Lovers (no, that’s not lovers, but actually a family name pronounced differently!). I liked that part of the top was open, so we could take pictures a little more easily. Here are a few things we saw:

  • Some typical Dutch architecture
  • Canals with bicycles chained to the railing of the bridge
  • Centraal Station – you wouldn’t know from the other side that it is built right on the water!
  • Nemo science center
Is it good for kids?

Rijksmuseum: Although we did not take the kids (ages 7 & 4) with us, I think they would have enjoyed the museum.

Canal Tour: The canal tour might have been a bit slow for them. It lasted about an hour. Maybe if we did it during the day – or even in the afternoon as a kind of “quiet time” for them – it would be okay. But that might be something we do with them when they’re a bit older.

What about the cost?

Rijksmuseum: Children up to 18 are free! Adult tickets cost €17.50. You can get an audio tour for an additional €5. Also free with the Museum Card.

Canal Tour: Tickets start at €12.50. There are a number of different options, including hop-on-hop-off tours and combination tours (with museums, etc.)

Where is it?

Canal tours can be found all over the canals. Or you can buy tickets online. Be sure to note where your tour leaves from!


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