Buchstabe der Woche: A

While I was working with Hippo last week on the letter M, I realized that still does not know all of his lower case letters! He was spelling some of the words with alphabet stickers, but he couldn’t use the letter cards as a model, because he did not know the lower case letters. Tja! So this week, I have the letter A cards in both upper and lower case letters to download 🙂

The words in this unit are:

  • der    Aal                                    eel
  • das    Achteck                           octagon
  • der    Adler                                eagle
  • der    Affe                                  monkey
  • das    Ahornblatt                      maple leaf
  • die     Ameise                            ant
  • die    Ampel                              traffic light
  • die     Ananas                            pineapple
  • die     Anemone                        sea anemone
  • der    Anker                               anchor
  • der    Apfel                                apple
  • der    Arm                                  arm

The cards look like this:

As always, there are cards with images and words, just images, and just words. Although they are not shown here, I also have cards with words in all caps.

Download the PDF file of cards with words in upper & lower case for FREE here: Wortschatzkarten A – GitA

Download the PDF file of cards with words in all upper case for FREE here: Wortschatzkarten A – ALL CAPS – GitA

UPDATE (5 October 2017):

Of all things, Hippo found a mistake in my original cards! Somehow, I had the word card for Ampel with the wrong article. I have corrected the mistake and updated the files! (I did not update the image of the cards, but be assured – the PDF version is correct!)


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