Morgens früh um sechs

Just in time for Halloween!

For ages I have been wanting to teach the song “Morgens früh um sechs” to my young school children. But it’s a rather tricky song in parts, so I knew they would need some help.

Finally I have created some word posters to introduce the main vocabulary of the song. And I made a coloring page that they can take home with the images and words to the song. Here’s how it all looks:

Download the word posters for FREE here: Morgens früh um sechs Plakaten GitA

Morgens früh um sechs Mvl GitA-page-002

Download the coloring page for FREE here: Morgens früh um sechs Malvorlage GitA

2 thoughts on “Morgens früh um sechs

  1. Hi tere!

    I would be interested to know how your pupils got on with this song as there are quite a lot of new words to contend with. How was it?

    Best wishes,




    • Hi Juliet!

      I plan to give the lesson on the 22nd, so I won’t have an answer to your question until then 🙂
      I plan on teaching the vocabulary here and also working on the numbers 1-12. Then I have a sweet little book of the song that I’ll read to them. And then we’ll work on the song.

      I’ll be doing this with my preschool/kindergarten classes, so we’ll see how that goes! I might try it with my older students, too. I’ll let you know after I teach it.

      What level do you teach?

      Thanks for commenting!! I don’t get too many, so it’s nice to know someone is actually reading a post and is interested in what I’m putting out there 😊

      Kind regards,


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