Learn to Draw Peppa Wutz/Pig in German!

As one of my Bingo lessons for my 3rd & 4th graders, I had them watch an episode of Peppa Wutz (Peppa Pig) in German. The episode is called “Sportfest” (Sports Day).

After watching, one of their options is to draw Peppa. I created my own video in German to help them do it!


Once they have finished drawing Peppa, I asked them to label at least 3 body parts.

  • Kopf
  • 2 Ohren
  • Schnauze
  • 2 Augen
  • Mund / Lächeln
  • Wange
  • Kleid
  • 2 Arme
  • 2 Hände
  • 3 Finger
  • 2 Beine
  • 2 Füße

Have fun drawing Peppa with me!

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