Buchstabe: M

Our first letter of the school year 2018-2019! The letter M.

I wasn’t entirely happy with the words I chose the last time we started M, so I redid the cards a bit. Here is what the new ones look like:

I wanted to add the words Milch and Münze, so here you can see the extra sheet with all three kinds of cards.

The words in this set are:

das  Mädchen
der  Mais
die  Malkreide
der  Marienkäfer
die  Maus
der  Messbecher
das  Messer
die  Milch
die  Möhre
der  Mond
der  Mund
die  Münze
das  Murmeltier
die  Musik

I’ve chosen 10 of the words to use this week. I will introduce two or three of them each morning at breakfast, starting with the shortest words. I like to try to pick words that have different vowel sounds after the first letter (here: ä, ai, a, au, e, i, ö, o, u, ü).

I plan to leave the letter box with all 10 objects and their cards out in our Montessori-style workspace during the week. Who knows, perhaps there will be an impromptu game of Go Fish after school?!

Download the PDF for FREE here: Wortschatzkarten M – GitA

If you prefer an all caps version, you can download this document instead: Wortschatzkarten M all caps – GitA

2018-09-08 21.15.03-2

Letters Everywhere

I have been organizing some of my letter materials, now that we’re three weeks into our Buchstaben work.

A few years ago, I splurged on a large set of capital letters. They are actually lacing letters by Learning Resources, but they are nice and sturdy, and you hardly notice the holes. Today, I put them into a craft box that has 32 compartments (purchased at a craft store). More than the 26 I needed, but that’s okay! Now if only I had a way to get letters with umlauts….???

I have another fun little storage unit that I keep stickers in. Sometimes, the boys just like to play with stickers. It’s super simple. But this way, I can just grab the letters I need. I got the small storage unit online, but you can get them at the hardware store. Then I just stuck alphabet stickers on each little drawer. Easy peasy!

It takes some time to cut up letter stickers, but I just do it while I’m watching TV. Or like today, as I rested in bed with a cold 😦

Today, I grabbed some stickers to play with before Hippo’s nap. Now that we’re three weeks in, I also figured I could work with all three letters: B, P, M.  Only my foggy brain got a little confused, and I grabbed a pear for P instead of B (Birne). Oh well!


2017-09-26 13.51.41

I use a sketch book for our letter work. The pages are nice and thick, and they are blank. It costs more than, say, a composition notebook, but I figure it will hold up better. You can see (kind of) that I wrote the letter M at the top of the page and then how Hippo put the M letter stickers on the sides of it. I wrote “OBST” and then the three letters. I tried not to say the letter names, but just the letter sounds. He would say the word, and I would repeat it, emphasizing the first sound.

Fast, easy, and most importantly FUN!


Buchstabe der Woche: M

I’m pretty well behind in posting all of the materials I’m creating for our German alphabet study. I’ll get as much up as I can. But I’m trying to make sure that I’m spending my time on teaching my kiddos and not just posting to the blog 🙂 Eventually, I’ll get everything posted!

We’ll be starting the letter M on Monday. So I have just finished up the vocabulary cards to go with our letter study. They look like this:

There are also cards with just pictures and just words.

You can download them here for FREE: Wortschatz Karten M – GitA