Story Listening at Home

While schools are closed, I want my German students to be able to continue learning. I am posting videos for them to watch in my YouTube channel. It’s called German in the Afternoon 🙂 And Kathrin Schechtman has a goldmine of stories that she has been recording this year!

I also want to keep my students accountable. So I made up a log for them to fill in when they watch a video. I also included ideas of things they can do after they watch. These post-viewing activities are not required. But students may enjoy them – and parents may appreciate having some extra activities for their kiddos! Click the images below to take a closer look. And download them below.

Download the log and instructions as a PDF here: Story Listening Log GitA

I’m also really excited to finally have created a logo for my work on various sites, such as YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. It’s not exactly what what dancing around in my mind, but it’s a good start! And Froggy helped me create it 🙂

GitA Logo4!