SL: Axels Traktor VIDEO

My 3rd & 4th-graders usually have German on Fridays. So I wanted to post a video for them of a story that they had never heard before. I found this cute story in a picture book at the library. The original title is Arthur’s Traktor, and the book is by Pippa Goodhart.

Axels Traktor

I hope my students enjoy the story. It is a silly one!! It is kind of a modern day fairy tale. Arthur is plowing his field and has no idea that a princess is being chased by a dragon, and that a knight on horseback is following them! The ending may be even more unbelievable, however, as the princess stays with Arthur, and the prince flies off with the dragon!

While recording the live videos, my two boys are my audience. You will hear them chiming in, figuring out what some of the words mean. That is how Story Listening works! It is best when it is interactive. But while the kids are home from school, these videos will have to do.

Here is a link to the video:

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