SL: Die Schildkröte hat Geburtstag VIDEO

I did a little experiment today! I recorded a Story Listening lesson based on Die Schildkröte hat Geburtstag (The Turtle has a Birthday) by Elizabeth Shaw. it is an original German story in a collection.

Schildkröte hat Geburtstag

I recorded it yesterday in a live version. And then I recorded it today in a drawing version. I wonder which one you prefer???


So which version do you prefer?? Take the poll and let me know!

Leave a comment below to tell me why you liked one over the other!

I am still getting used to using the Explain Everything app for drawing these stories. Sometimes it seems to stumble a little, but I don’t think you miss anything. I wish it were a bit more fluid. Hopefully as I get better using the app, it will be more fluid, too 🙂

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