SL: Pflaster / Bandages

The next story for my 1st & 2nd graders is called Pflaster. I got it from one of my own 1st-grader’s early readers. In English it’s called Bandages, but I translated “Pflaster” as band-aids when I told the story.

Instructions for TWS students:

  1. Watch the video (below)
  2. Write the story into your German Story Listening Log (Get it HERE if you need it!)
  3. Choose ONE of the following exercises to complete. Take a picture of your completed work or take a video to post on SeeSaw.
    • Go back to the end of the video and choose three words to draw and label.
    • Tell the story to someone at home (in English).
    • Download the following PDF and choose ONE worksheet to complete: Pflaster Arbeitsblatt – GitA

* If you feel frustrated while watching the story, because you do not understand, please stop and choose another story!


The worksheets look like this:

Bonus: Go to the previous post and watch the video with the song on washing hands! Do you remember it?! “Hände waschen”!

Enjoy the story! I can’t wait to hear how it goes!!

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